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Who's Afraid of Failure Can't Manage Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the fear of failure. He explains that within the project environment we are not in a comfort zone and easy things doesn't need to be managed. Ricardo also said that failure is always part of the process and is also part of the DNA of the project, but who has a fear of failure can not manage projects. Inside the possibility of failure is that we project managers earn our life.


Steve Jobs: Genious? Innovator? Project Manager?

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about Steve Jobs, he says that after reading many biographies, articles and news about Steve Jobs, there were many doubts about the DNA that generated so much success for Apple - it was the genius, innovation or the ability to manage projects from Steve Jobs?


How many projects a Project Manager can manage at the same time?

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the number of projects that one person can manage simultaneously. He says that there is no specific number but explains that the project manager's focus is the most important. Ricardo also says that huge projects do not justify a project manager sharing the work with other projects. Still, in small projects that have some similarities, the project manager could manage multiple projects simultaneously.


When the Boss doesn't Accept the Project Manager Opinion

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the relationship between the project manager and his boss in the organization. He explains that different opinions are part of the work and when the project manager suggests a direction to a superior, he must have grounding through data and facts, so hardly he will be challenged.


Is it worth it to be a Project Manager? Part 1 of 2

In this podcast, Ricardo reflects on the profession of project management and talks about three links that the project manager needs to build during his career to make the profession worthwhile for him to society and to the company. He comments that the project manager needs to prepare like any other profession and that the path to becoming a great project manager is not simple.


How to Prepare your Project Manager Resumé - Part 1/2

In this series of two podcasts Ricardo gives some tips about how to prepare correctly a resumé for the project management area. He explains how to insert your professional background, courses and experience. He describes in detail how to put your credentials (PMP, PgMP, CAPM, etc) in order to maximize your curriculum in a selection process. Part 1 of 2 podcasts.


Differentiating the Functions of the Project Manager and the Project Management Office

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the misunderstanding that many professionals make about the roles of the project manager and the PMO. Many professionals assert incorrectly that the management of the project is a PMO role. He also explains the differences between the 2 roles using an analogy with a car in a road with a driver and a instrument panel.

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