Notice: The 2007 episodes were only recorded in Portuguese.

Project Early Finish

Many times during the crisis management, the last alternative to the organization is to abort the project. However the cancelling process could be significantly traumatic to the organization. In this podcast Ricardo talks about strategies to early finish the project aiming to minimize the damage...

Critical Chain Project Management

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the most controversial and contentious concepts related to time management in projects: the critical chain. This podcast was recorded only in Brazilian Portuguese. The link below is for the Brazilian Portuguese version.

PERT Analysis

In this podcast, Ricardo introduces the main concepts of PERT Analysis, mechanism of calculation that uses the optimist, most probable and pessimistic duration in order to determine the expected duration of the task, allowing that the statistical concepts of standard deviation and variance be...

Project Time Management

In this podcast Ricardo approaches the most classical knowledge area in project management, the project time management. He talks about the importance of understand project time management as part of an integrated management, with very low value if considered isolated. This podcast was recorded only...

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