Who's Afraid of Failure Can't Manage Projects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the fear of failure. He explains that within the project environment we are not in a comfort zone and easy things doesn't need to be managed. Ricardo also said that failure is always part of the process and is also part of the DNA of the project, but who has a fear of failure can not manage projects. Inside the possibility of failure is that we project managers earn our life.

Crisis Management: The Denial Problem

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about crisis management. He explains that the first reaction in crisis management is the denial and that this is the worst option. Ricardo also explains that the crisis is caused by a "trigger" that is triggered by some event that will generate a chain reaction and can cause an uncontrolled situation in the project.

Steve Jobs: Genious? Innovator? Project Manager?

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about Steve Jobs, he says that after reading many biographies, articles and news about Steve Jobs, there were many doubts about the DNA that generated so much success for Apple - it was the genius, innovation or the ability to manage projects from Steve Jobs? He notes that the way Apple manages its business is totally different from what is taught in administration books where collaboration and customer are...

How many projects a Project Manager can manage at the same time?

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the number of projects that one person can manage at the same time. He says that there is no a specific number, but explains that the most important is the focus that the project manager must have. Ricardo also says that for very large projects does not justify a project manager to share the work with other projects, but in small projects that have some similarity, the project manager could manage multiple...

The Power of Positive Feedback

In this podcast Ricardo talks about the strength of a positive feedback. He says that we have  a culture of giving negative feedback and that we usually do not remember to praise when a good work is done. Ricardo explains that just an email or a comment about the good work  is usually enough to motivate anybody, thus leading her/him to make less mistakes in the execution of his/her work. He also explains that a positive feedback must always...

Working in International Projects: Understanding the Cultural Aspects

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about working in projects of different cultures. He explains that to work in an international project is necessary to know the way of life, how people in the country were educated, how the minds of these people work and respect each culture. Ricardo also talks that even in Brazil, to develop a project in the South is different to developing a project in the North, as there is a difference in culture and values.

A Tribute to Professor Carlos Salles

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about professor Salles who unfortunately left us a few days ago. He says that Salles was an extremely correct person, who was specialist in Project Management and much beloved by his students and colleagues. Ricardo also talks about the importance of the proximity between the PMI and the PM community in Brazil that Salles was ahead.

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