Demystifying the Portfolio Management – Part 2/3: The Criteria

In this second podcast of the series, Ricardo talks about the selection criteria in portfolio management. He explains that in addition to financial criteria, there are others who may be considered and, even if it is intangible, there are ways to make them tangible. Ricardo gives several tips on how to transform these criteria into tangible and also talks about the balance of the criteria chosen.

Demystifying the Portfolio Management – Part 1/3: The Strategy's Side

In this first podcast of the serie, Ricardo talks about the strategic and the portfolio management. He explains that if the manager does not know what is the strategy of the organization, its a waste of time to create comparative to select projects. Ricardo makes an analogy between stones of different sizes and the choice of the sieve for selecting these stones, in other words, you must set the criteria based on the strategy to select projects...

Mandatory Relationships x Discretionary Relatioships

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about mandatory dependencies and discretionary dependencies between the activities of the project. He explains that a mandatory dependency is one that needs to be physically respected and discretionary is one that is made to generate a greater benefit for the project, whether in management or in the results. Ricardo also shows several examples of these two relations of dependence.

Using Project Management to Plan your Year - Part 2/2

In this second podcast of the series, Ricardo talks about portfolio management of personal projects. He explains that it is necessary to map and select which projects will be undertaken, which will be later, a which will not be made and which requiring a study before deciding. Ricardo says that projects should be selected according to the goals we have set and gives tips on how these objectives can be defined and how they are selected.

Using Project Management to Plan Your Year - Part 1/2

In this first podcast of 2, Ricardo gives some tips on how to manage personal projects that take place during the year. He exemplifies with the planning he did for his personal projects for 2011 and 2012. Ricardo explains that the first thing he did was his strategic map and throughout the year, was taking notes of all kinds of projects that have appeared. In the end of 2011, Ricardo did the planning for 2012 selecting the projects he noted and...

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