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Understand the Difference between Residual and Secondary Risks

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about the difference between the secondary risk and residual risk. He explains that the secondary risk is generated as a side effect the implementation of a response. Residual risk is one that remains, even after implementing responses. Ricardo gives several examples for these two types of risks.

"Done is Better than Perfect": What you an learn with this quote

In this podcast, Ricardo explains that the project manager should seek to simplify the way he/she leads the projects. In the quest for perfection, many people often create methodologies which are too complex to be used and end up not being used at all. He mentions a methodology he once created, pinpointing ways that enable the simplification of the procedures necessary to manage projects.

Project Management as a Life Skill

In this podcast, Ricardo invites us to think in the Project Management concepts as skills for the personal and professional lives of any person, not just project managers. Much of what is discussed in project management and many of its tools may be useful in various professions such as lawyers, teachers, writers, etc.

What is Program Management?

In this podcast, Ricardo talks about program management. He explains that the main objective of the program management it to group projects to obtain a benefit that would not be possible if treated singly. Ricardo also talks that the projects contained in a program have the same interest tactical, operational, and the same synergy.

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